Sociodrama Sofia SYMEONIDOU (Greece)

Psychodrama and Sociodrama are the most popular methods introduced by psychiatrist J.L. Moreno. They utilise  techniques for support and development of the person and society based on an existential orientation. In Psychodrama, as a form of group psychotherapy, the focus is on the person through the role of the “protagonist” while in Sociodrama the “protagonist” is the whole group that works for its interest and, in a wider sense, for the interest and the well - being of the entire society.

More accurately, Sociodrama is an experiential group action method that can be implemented either in small or large groups. In Sociodrama spontaneity and creativity coexist with role theory, as fundamental terms and principles. It is used for the exploration and transformation of possible conflicts that emerge between (different types of) social groups. As a method it offers the possibility of understanding in depth the nature of social systems and their influence on the members of the society. It does so by looking into the relationship between personal and social roles.  

The benefit of participating in sociodramatic interventions - where the group is perceived as one body, one organization - is the penetration of the social factors, stereotypes and the issues that concern each social group in relevance to itself and other groups. This penetration leads to a deep conscience (understanding) of all these factors and reinforces the healthy elements of the group for a more effective confrontation of its problems. Finally, through this process sociodramatic interventions can promote democracy, social participation and social awareness.