Participating organisations

MPE, Hungary

The Hungarian Psychodrama Association is a professionally recognized national-level VET (Vocational Education and Training) organization. The main goals of the association are the representation of psychodrama in Hungary...


SPP, Portugal

The training of Psychodrama Directors in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon started  In 1987 right after the launching of the Portuguese Pyschodrama Society (SPP - Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama- 1986). The work began with the collaboration of both Alfredo Soeiro (Brasilian Psychodramatist) and Rojas Bermudez (from the Argentinean School).


EMMI, Hungary

​The predecessor of our institution was established in 1892. In 1984, after it was taken over by the state, the Educational Institute for Girls in Budapest was formed. In 1951, the Transitional State Foster Home for Boys was moved to the same building as the Educational Institute for Girls and the official name was changed to Transitional State Foster Home for Minors.

SPF, Sweden

Svenska Psykodramatikers Förening, (Swedish Association for Psychodramatists, Schwedische Arbeitskreis fur Psykodramatiker, Association Suédoise des Psychodramatistes) was established in 1993 by professional psycho- and sociodramatists.


Huddingegymnasiet, Sweden

HGY is a Swedish Upper Secondary School in a suburb south of Stockholm, established in 1972. At present there are about 500 students in the school aged 16 to 20.

ARSIS, Greece

ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth - was established in 1992 and since then it has been operated in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Alexandroupoli, Kozani and Tirana due to the active participation of members, volunteers and young people.

Nós, Portugal

In 1982, the need for an adequate response for children and young people with profound disabilities from the two municipalities, Barreiro and Moita, was so obvious that a group of parents and professionals founded Associação NOS, which later became a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (“IPSS”).


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